There was no QHHT practitioner in the country where I live, so since I was visiting a friend in the Netherlands, I decided to find mine there.
I intuitively chose Geert, and it was a wonderful choice. Geert is extremely kind and caring, genuinely interested in others. He takes all the time you need to be comfortable with him – which was quite immediate for me, and the session is a very smooth process.
Listening back to the recordings, I realize how experienced, intuitive and smart he is: sometimes, the answers you get are very short – or they are long and detailed in your mind, but because you are in a state that make everything clear, you don’t say it. And Geert is always asking the perfect questions so you get the full answers for when you are at home and listen later – and everything isn’t that obvious anymore!
He also interacts naturally with you and describes your physical reactions – that you cannot hear on a recording, but which also express answers. For example sometimes I didn’t really answer, but now I can hear Geert say “from this big smile on your face…”. So I can remember the moment and the feeling (and that the answer was “yes”). Other times, he was able to ask an extra question, or a detail, that I would exactly like to know, but couldn’t plan before the session!
Finally, he was so kind to spend more time with me than initially planned, and he really did it with his heart. When I have a question, he’s always here and available, he says his clients never bother him, and it’s true! Geert is truly a dedicated practitioner and I thank him once more.

Cécile (Prague, CZ), qhht