Good evening Geert,
as I promised I'm back with my feedback regarding our session, of course I do not have any proof of the fact that the session helped me heal my childhood trauma but nevertheless I just feel that everything it's OK now. I don't have an explanation for it, I just feel healed. I don't know how to explain it.
2nd I would like to congratulate you for true talent for psychotherapy. I do not know if you learned somewhere I just know from my knowledge that it's absolutely correct from psychological point of view, maybe this why it works.
As you know I did not come to you in search of a proof I just wanted to be healed and I feel like this process is complete. So, Thank You!!!
Of course my ego, my analytical mind it's struggling with the big puzzle of the recording trying to translate everything? but it's OK as long as the trauma it's not there anymore I enjoy it.
Thank you for your patience and I wish you good health.
Konsuela Daradics, Lupeni (Ro)

Konsuela Daradics, Lupeni (Ro), qhht